Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another new stake in Utah

A new stake has been created called the Eagle Mountain Utah Central Stake. This is Utah's 14 stake created in 2011. There are now 562 stakes in Utah.  That is 37.6% of all US stakes.
There are now 2,941 stakes in the World, 1,493 are in the US (50.8%)  The US is still ahead by 45 stakes and is "winning" 20 stakes to 19 this year.  It looks like when we hit 3,000 stakes more than 1/2 will still be inside the US.

Found two great LDS stats web sites

These two sites have great information and links to other sites, I may try to start cross referencing to update my accuracy. I was using the LDS Church News site as my main source, but these two are great sites!

I love the data and maps at - I'm now following it's blog

The temple pictures and updates are great at

Of course the church has a fantastic map at

and a wonderful old site has been refreshed


Saturday, October 1, 2011

LDS Church announces Five new temples

President Monson announced that the Provo Utah Tabernacle, which was heavily damaged by fire last December, will be rebuilt to function as a temple, giving that city two temples. He noted that the Provo temple is among the busiest in the Church.

Other temples will be built in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo; Durban, South Africa; Barranquilla, Colombia and Star Valley, Wyoming. President Monson said plans are proceeding to build a temple in Paris France.

That makes two temples for South Africa, two temples for Columbia and two temples in Provo. That is the first temple for the Democratic Republic of Congo and the first temple in Wyoming.  Utah will now have 16 temples. (almost 10%)

The City of Jordan, Utah also has two temples in its city limits.

By the way Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) is the third largest city in all of Africa after Lagos, Nigeria and Cairo Egypt (there is already a temple in nearby Aba Nigeria)

The church has announced 9 temples this year, dedicated two, and had a ground-breaking ceremony for five.

There are 135 operating temples and 166 total announced sites. 79 are in the US and 87 are outside the US, for a 47.6% in the US.

Previous blog entries have me predicting both Wyoming and Congo as the next place for temples.

This is a great web site about temples :

I love the Maps.

2 New Stakes Created - Peru and Rexburg, Idaho

A new stake has been created from the Huaraz PerĂº District, called The Huaraz PerĂº Stake. Huaraz is 150 miles Northeast of Lima. This is the 2nd new stake in Peru in 2011 and Peru now has 96 stakes.

A new stake was also created in Rexburg Idaho for the Young Single Adults (YSA). This is the 2nd new stake in Idaho in 2011 and Idaho now has 123 stakes. (AZ has 92, CA has 158, UT has 563)

There have now been 40 new stakes created in 2011, 22 in the US, 18 outside, for a total of 2,942 (50.8% in the US)