Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gilbert, AZ LDS Temple Groundbreaking
This makes the third temple groundbreaking ceremony in 5 weeks worldwide, (see posts below) the first time that has happened since 1999, This is the 4th temple in Arizona with another planned in Northwest Phoenix
1) Arizona (Mesa) - 1927 2) Snowflake, AZ - 2002 3) Gila Valley, AZ -2010 4) Gilbert, AZ - 2012? 5) Phoenix, AZ - 2013?

Major New Study of Religion Has Much to Say About Mormons

Major New Study of Religion Has Much to Say About Mormons
*Mormons are among the most devout religious groups in the country.
*Mormons are among those most likely to keep their childhood faith as adults.
*Mormons are unusually giving.
*Mormons are relatively friendly to other religious groups.
*Mormons are among the most likely to believe that one true religion exists, but also that those outside their faith can attain salvation or reach “heaven.”

Source: Robert D. Putnam and David E. Campbell, American Grace: How Religious Divides and Unites Us (New York: Simon and Schuster, 2010).

Friday, November 12, 2010

Apostles bless two African nations (Angola and Burundi)

Two African countries — Angola and Burundi — have been dedicated for the preaching of the gospel after two apostles traveled a combined distance of 120,000 miles — 34,000 of them in seven African countries. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve traveled for two weeks visiting and instructing Church members gathered throughout the Africa Southeast Area. 

This makes about 145 countries that the church is active in (with at least one branch or ward.)  Here are the first 25. After 100 years, Poland was the 53rd county (1929).  About one more hundred countries were added in the last 75 years. 

3 countries have over 1 million members, 50 countries have over 10,000 members, 98 countries have over 1,000 members, 76 countries have at least one stake and 44 countries have at least one temple.  

1 United State 1830 
2 Canada 1832
3 England 1837
4 Australia 1840
5 Germany 1840
6 Ireland (Northern) 1840
7 Sweden 1843
8 Tahiti (French Polynesia) 1844
9 Switzerland 1848
10 France 1849
11 India 1849
12 Norway 1849
13 Hawaii (Sandwich Is) 1850
14 Italy 1850
15 Ireland1850 
16 Scandinavia 1850
17 Iceland 1851
18 Malta 1852
19 China 1853 
20 Jamaica 1853
21 South Africa 1853
22 Spain 1853
23 Malaysia 1854
24 New Zealand 1854
25 Siam (Thailand) 1854  

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Two new stakes (WA, Brazil) plus Cordoba Argentina Temple groundbreaking

Two new stakes have been reported to have been created this week. One in the state of Washington, it's 55th stake and the first new one since 2003, Texas now has more at 56 stakes, so WA is ahead of OR and NV, but below AZ and TX at number 6 in the US.  The second new stake was created in Brazil, as it added it's 233rd Stake, but first one of 2010.  It is ahead of Mexico which has 212 stakes.
Also ground was broken on the Cordoba Argentina Temple on 30 October 2010.  With Italy (see post below) that was the second temple groundbreaking ceremony of the month. Cordoba will be Argnetina's 2nd temple as Buenos Aires was opened and dedicated in 1986.  Nine temples are now under construction, 134 in operation and with the other 14 announced a total of 157 are planned.