Saturday, November 6, 2010

Two new stakes (WA, Brazil) plus Cordoba Argentina Temple groundbreaking

Two new stakes have been reported to have been created this week. One in the state of Washington, it's 55th stake and the first new one since 2003, Texas now has more at 56 stakes, so WA is ahead of OR and NV, but below AZ and TX at number 6 in the US.  The second new stake was created in Brazil, as it added it's 233rd Stake, but first one of 2010.  It is ahead of Mexico which has 212 stakes.
Also ground was broken on the Cordoba Argentina Temple on 30 October 2010.  With Italy (see post below) that was the second temple groundbreaking ceremony of the month. Cordoba will be Argnetina's 2nd temple as Buenos Aires was opened and dedicated in 1986.  Nine temples are now under construction, 134 in operation and with the other 14 announced a total of 157 are planned.

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