Thursday, August 23, 2012

3 new stakes in August (Samoa, Mexico, & Provo)

A new stake was created in Samoa called Upolu Samoa Malie.  This is the second new stake in Samoa in 2012. They now have 18 stakes. The last stake created in Samoa was in 1996. Tonga also has 18 stakes, Tahiti 7 and America Samoa and Fiji have 4 each.

A new Young Single Adult stake (YSA) was created in Provo. There are 560 stakes in Utah, but this is only the 2nd stake created this year in Utah.

A new stake was also created in Mexico called Puebla México Nealticán North. Nealticán is a small town west of the city of Puebla that has one of the highest percentage of Latter-day Saints in Mexico.  With only 11,500 inhabitants, Nealticán has nine wards or one ward per approximately 1,300 people. This is the 3rd new stake in Mexico in 2012.

There are now 225 stakes and 36 districts in Mexico.
Brazil has 244 stakes.

There are now 2,980 LDS Stakes worldwide, at this rate in 2012, the 3,000 stake would be created on Christmas day, 2012.

1,502 stakes are in the US (50.4%) and 1,478 are outside the US.  22 of the 34 new stakes this year are foreign (65%) - great site.

34. Upolu Samoa Malie - August 5th, 2012
35. Provo Utah YSA 19th - August 12th, 2012
36. Puebla México Nealticán North - August 12th


Enjoy !