Friday, February 1, 2013

My son Tommy just got called to the Washington Tacoma Mission. He enters the LDS Missionary Training Center in Provo on May 15th. We are all excited.  We just found the blog that the Mission President's wife maintains.  They just received their first group of Elders and Sisters since the October General Conference announcement change and sure enough this month brought 7 elders and 18 sisters.  I don't think we had 18 sisters in our mission in Idaho Boise in 1983, 1984.

Sorry I have not posted in months.  Lots of exciting things have happened, like the church has over 3,000 stakes, 1,503 in the US and 1,503 outside the US.  3 new temples announced, etc. etc.  I have been busy finishing my master's degree and will get back to this Blog in May when I graduate if not sooner.

Keep the Faith !

Of course I will post after the April Conference Statistical Report

Still Bummed Mitt Romney did not win.