Tuesday, January 25, 2011

14 million Mormons and counting (July 2010)

deseretnews.com/article/14-million-Mormons. ( Sunday, Jan. 23 )  The LDS Church is ahead of Rodney Stark's growth forecast, a sociologist at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, a private Baptist university, who made that prediction in 1984. He predicted the LDS church would grow from 5.5 Million back in 1984 to between 64 and 267 Million members by 2080.  26 years after his prediction, the church is on target, DOUBLING EVERY 16-19 years for past 180 years.  I can make a more narrow prediction for 2080, the LDS church should have between 95 and 125 Million members, hitting 20 Million in 2025 and 50 million by 2055.  (note: we don't count 0-8 year olds, since there are too young to be baptized, having not reach the age of accountability - knowing right from wrong.  If we counted them, we would be well over 15 million.)

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