Saturday, July 9, 2011

3 more stakes created - in Venezuela, Philippines and in Utah

Three new stakes have been created. There are now 2,932 stakes, 30 created in 2011 (compared with 29 in all of 2010)  1,492 (50.9%) of the stakes are in the US.

A new stake has been created in Cagua, Venezuela, southwest of the Caracas Temple. This is their 32nd stake, which places Venezuela in a tie with Australia for 12th place. It is the second stake in Venezuela in 2011.

A new stake has been created in Makati Philippines, called the Makati Philippines East Stake, just southwest of the Manilla Temple. This is the 81st stake in the Philippines and the first in 2011. The Philippines is 7 ahead of Chile and 13 behind Peru.

A new stake has been created in Enoch Utah, called the Enoch Utah West Stake, this is north of Cedar City, and is Utah's 562nd stake and the 14th created this year (10 were YSA).

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