Friday, November 28, 2014

The LDS Church creates it's second stake in the Middle East


On November 14th, the Church organized its second stake in the Middle East. The Manama Bahrain Stake was organized from the Manama Bahrain District and the Abu Dhabi Stake and includes the following two congregations in non-sensitive countries: the Kuwait Ward and the Bahrain Branch. The new stake likely has four or more wards in Saudi Arabia. The Church does not report the number and location of its congregations in Saudi Arabia due to its sensitive presence in the country. The Church in the Arabian Peninsula has experienced steady membership and congregational growth within the past decade due to Latter-day Saints relocating to the region for employment purposes. The Church originally divided the Abu Dhabi Stake (originally called the Manama Bahrain Stake and before that the Desert Springs Stake) in 2011 to create the Manama Bahrain District.

In the 1990's the only stake was called the Arabian Peninsula Stake. The single stake moved to Manama Bahrain in the early 2000's then downgraded to a district when the stake center was moved to the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi Stake) in 2011. Now there are two full functioning stakes there.

Stakes in the Arabian Peninsula / Middle East

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There is one stake in India and one in Armenia.

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