Saturday, March 26, 2011

Three (3) New Stakes announced in US - AZ, CO, GA

Three new stakes have been created.  That is the most created / announced in one week since early January 2011.

A new stake has been created in Conyers Georgia. Conyers is south-east of Atlanta. This is Georgia's 16th stake, tying it with Wyoming in 12th place in the US. 

A new stake has been created in Parker Colorado - the Parker Colorado South Stake. Parker is south-east of Denver. This is Colorado's 31st Stake, but first one since 2004. Colorado has 5 more stakes then Florida, but 4 less than Nevada, putting it 9th on the US list. 

A new stake has been created in Prescott Valley Arizona. Prescott Valley is half-way between Phoenix and the Grand Canyon and is south-west of Sedona. This is Arizona's 91st stake, 45 ahead of Washington, but 30 behind Idaho, firmly in 4th place in the US.

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