Saturday, April 2, 2011

181st Annual General Conference - 3 new Temples Announced, ID, CO, Canada

Prophet and President of the LDS Church - Thomas S. Monson announced three (3) new Temples - Meridian, ID, Fort Collins, CO and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
This makes for 134 operating temples and 160 total under construction or announced. The next temple to be dedicated is in August, 2011 in San Salvador, El Salvador. Now 77 temples are in the US and 83 are foreign.

Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins, located in northern Colorado, USA, will be the site of the second LDS temple in Colorado. (The first, in Denver, was completed in 1986.) The first congregation of the Church in Colorado was organized nearly 90 years earlier, in January 1897. As of October 2010, some 140,000 members of the Church lived in the state.
Colorado has 31 stakes, poor Wyoming still no Temple, with 16 stakes

Meridian, Idaho

Meridian is the third-largest city in Idaho and is located about 11 miles west of Boise. The Church has been present in Idaho since 1855; today, there are some 410,000 members in the state. The temple in Meridian will be the fifth in Idaho. There are also temples in Boise, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, and Twin Falls.
I served my full-time Mission in Idaho and Meridian was my first area.  At that time the Idaho Falls Temple was the only temple in Idaho.  Back then in 1983, Idaho had 70 stakes. Idaho now has 121 stakes.  Quite a bit, but not all, of that growth was due to my missionary service.  (1983-1984)

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Winnipeg is the capital and largest city in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It is located in southeast Manitoba. The temple will serve members in the Winnipeg area who currently travel nearly 400 miles (600 kilometers) to the nearest temple in Regina, Saskatchewan.
This will be the ninth temple in Canada. In addition to the Regina temple, there are temples in Cardston, Calgary, and Edmonton, Alberta; Toronto, Ontario; Halifax, Nova Scotia; and Montreal, Quebec. In May 2010, Church officials dedicated the Vancouver British Columbia Temple and broke ground for the Calgary Temple.
Manitoba, Canada only has 1 stake. It is in Winnipeg, created in 1978, and also has a mission headquartered in Winnipeg.  I predict a second stake, now that the temple is announced. (7 Wards + 6 Branches currently)

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