Sunday, May 1, 2011

Madagascar, Mexico & Utah - Three new stakes have been created.

A new stake has been created in Antananarivo Madagascar Ivandry. This is Madagascar's 2nd stake, the first was created in 2000.  Elder Daniel Ortiz from Mission Viejo Stake is just concluding his mission there.

A new stake has also been created in Teziutlan Mexico, called the Martinez de la Torre Mexico Stake. This is Mexico's 222nd stake, but it's first created in 2011.  There are now 1,431 stakes outside of the United States and 2,911 total worldwide. Martinez de la Torre is 200 Miles East of Mexico City almost to the Eastern Coast in the Veracruz temple district.

A third new stake has been created in West Point Utah called the Clinton Utah West Stake.  This is Utah's 550th Stake and the 2nd created in 2011.  Utah is home to 37% of the 1,480 stakes in the US.  West Point / Clinton is West of Hill Air Force Base between Bountiful and Ogden.

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