Sunday, May 29, 2011

Two new stakes in Utah now 560 of 1,490 in US

A new stake was crated in Layton Utah (Legacy area) and another new stake, which is a Young Single Adult (YSA) stake, in Riverton, Utah.  There are now 2,921 stakes, 51.0% (or 1,490) are located in the United States.  Of the 1,490 stakes in the US, 37.6% of those are in Utah. Utah has more stakes then Mexico, Brazil and Peru combined. Utah created 9 YSA stakes and a total of 12 new stakes this year - 2011. There have been 20 new stakes this year in 5 different countries.  The average stake creation over the past 5 years (2006-2010) is 36 new stakes a year or one new stake every 10 days - so about one new ward a day !

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