Saturday, March 3, 2012

3 New Stakes in Feb 2012, Ontario-Canada, Mexico, Utah

A new stake has been created in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.  It is the first new Stake in Canada since 2006 and the first new stake in Ontario since 1996

There are now 10 stakes in Ontario and 48 stakes in Canada.  (22 of the Canadian Stakes are in Alberta.)

A new stake was created in the northern Mexican city of Saltillo.  This is near the Monterrey, Mexico Temple and closest to McAllen Texas.  It is the first new stake in Mexico in 2012.

There are now 223 stakes in Mexico. (Peru has 98, Brazil has 242, US has 1,490)

The first new US stake of 2012 was created in the only city with two Temples - Jordan. This stake is the furthest West in the Jordan Valley.

There are now 559 stakes in Utah. (CA has 157, ID has 122)

1,455 (49.4%) of the 2,947 total stakes are now outside of the United States

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