Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cape Verde's 1st stake, Indonesia its 2nd

The LDS Church created two new stakes this week. The first ever in Cape Verde, Africa, hundreds of miles off the West Coast, & South of the Canary Islands (Spain) and many many miles from the nearest branches in Sierra Leone or the nearest stake in Ivory Coast. The closest temple is in Ghana 2,800 miles away. Cape Verde is the 78th Nation to have a stake created in it.  United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, & Russia were added in 2011. Uganda and Guam in 2010.

A second stake was also created in Surakarta Indonesia, joining the Jakarta Indonesia stake created last year. 18 stakes have been created in 2012 through April. Only 3 in the United States.

There are now 2,962 stakes

17. Praia Cape Verde - April 29th, 2012

18. Surakarta Indonesia - April 29th, 2012


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