Saturday, June 18, 2011

3 more stakes created - the first in Indonesia and more in Tahiti and Venezuela

A new stake has been created from the Jakarta Indonesia District. This is the first stake in Indonesia. There are 6,700 LDS members in a country of 240 million. The country is 88% Muslim and 8% Christian. By contrast neighboring Philippines has 650,000 members, 80 stakes and 3 temples. 

A new stake has been created in Puerto La Cruz Venezuela. This is the 30th stake in Venezuela, the first created in 2011, but in 2010, they added 2 stakes .  To compare England has 36 stakes, Ecuador has 34 and Australia has 32, while Japan and Columbia have 28. 

A new stake has been created in Paea Tahiti. The Punaauia Tahiti Stake is the 7th stake in Tahiti (or French Polynesia.) The Church has not created a new stake here since 1997.  The Tahitian temple was dedicated in 1983, the Church's 25th - the same year temples were opened in Samoa and Tonga.

There are now 2,928 LDS stakes worldwide, 1,491 in the US (50.9%)  There are now stakes in 76 countries.

I love maps.

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