Sunday, June 12, 2011

Three (3) New Stakes announced - Nigeria, Honduras & in Utah

A new stake has been created in Nigeria called the Lagos Nigeria South Stake. Nigeria now has 17 stakes, 5 more than South Africa and 9 more than Ghana. The African continent has 58 stakes so Nigeria has 29 % of them. The three temples in Africa are in South Africa, Ghana an Nigeria 
A new stake has been created Honduras called the Tegucigalpa Honduras Loarque Stake. Honduras now has 21 stakes, 18 less than Guatemala, but 4 more than El Salvador. The Central American region now has 100 Stakes - which does not include Mexico. The Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple is about 33% complete.

A tenth YSA stake was created in the Salt Lake Pioneer Area. Utah now has 561 stakes, 13 created this year.  The US now has 1,491 stakes, or 51.0% of the 2,925 total.  There have been 24 stakes created in 2011.  

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